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Farewell Austin, and great breakfasts



SXSWi: Women in Trouble!





Texas food







Beautifully well-written feature on a foot fetishist in Saturday’s Guardian magazine. It’s an extract from Daniel Bergner’s The Other Side of Desire, about a man sexually obsessed with feet.

“For three years, his palms and fingers and lips and tongue travelled from her feet to her breasts and back again, the care of the trip upward masking the urgency of the trip down…”

Twitter grader

Sorry Stephen


I’m sorry to inform you that your petition has been rejected.

Your petition was classed as being in the following categories:

* Intended to be humorous, or has no point about government policy

You have four weeks to resubmit your petition, after which your petition will appear in the list of rejected petitions.

Your petition reads: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: ‘formally register Stephen Fry as a national treasure.’

He’s an eloquent and brilliant man. Let’s show him how special he is.”

– the ePetitions team

Ecto is fab

Just demonstrating how great Ecto is.

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A taste of Digg

I just wanted to record a few minutes of the start of DiggNation’s recording in London last night for the benefit of my non-techie friends. You think it’s all geekery, but no. It’s all a bit rock’n'roll!

MySpace bus at Fowa


Testing Ecto

I’m sitting in an obscure corner of Islington demonstrating Ecto. I love it, But RIP.




This blog is, like many things I used to do in the spare time I took for granted, suspended. That’ll be the baby.

You can find daily digital flotsam and jetsam from me on Twitter and, as proof of the offspring, on

My parents, and the 1974 general election

My Mum had sewn a banner in support of Labour for the October 1974 general election, and hung it on the back of our house in Richmond Road, Brighton.

This photo shows how our (slightly odd) neighbour of the time reacted.

Brighton, General Election 1974

My parents made it to bed at 4am after waiting for the results to be called at Brighton Dome. Andrew Bowden was returned again as Tory MP for the seat. (He lost the seat in 1997 with Labour’s landslide and now plays lots of poker.)

Five years after the battle of the banners, my parents both joined a march in protest at the National Front candidate Valerie Tyndall who stood at the next election in 1979. Somewhere there’s a pic of both of them under a banner for the anti-fascist league that appeared in the Evening Argus: “Grim-faced protesters…”

I wore all red to the Dome in 1992 for the results and remember the Tory winner, who appeared to be drunk, shaking his fist and ranting in anger at the crowd as they booed his result.

For 2010, all the Kisses are voting Green and will be heading into town to hear the results roll out. I don’t think my Dad would mind.

Gone fishing

Normal service has, perhaps inevitably, been interrupted owing to the birth of Gigantababy. He has his own site at, which at least keeps his mother entertained during those lonely night feeds. And when she emerges from the baby dungeon normal service will resume here…

Frequently asked questions

# 1 – I’m at work until 19 June.

# 2 – I’m due at the end of July.

# 3 – I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy.

# 4 – Yes, my bump is massive. Thanks for pointing that out.

# 5 – I haven’t yet decided if I will tweet the birth.


Racing for life

My unborn child is doing the Cancer Research Race for Life this weekend in London, and due to that fact that it can’t go anywhere without me just yet, I’ll be going along too.

It’s a 5km course and we’ll be walking it to try and raise £1,000. It’s the fourth time we’ve done Race for Life and the first time we haven’t done it at the Eden Project in Cornwall, but owing to tedious house moving complexities we’ve had to compromise this year.

If you can spare a few quid to sponsor us, we’d be immensely grateful. It only takes a minute girl, as Take That once sang, and you can do it online at Just Giving.

If our Twitter posse all chipped in a few quid each, we’d be many, many multiples over our fund-raising target. Do it for Cancer Research, or for someone you’ve loved and lost. Or both.


Guess the flavour of the baby…

I have no idea, and didn’t want to know when we had the scan. Gather all your telepathic powers and place your bet… come the end of July, we’ll find out how good your instinct is!


What’s your favourite Tube line?

Boblet’s foot


Foetus raises money for charity!

“I’m on the inside, but I’ve managed to get a message out!

“I’m a foetus, and by June I’ll be an eight-month old foetus trying to raise £1,000 for Cancer Research at the Race for Life, a 5KM route around the Eden Project in Cornwall. I’ll have to do it with my Mum, of course, as I won’t actually be born yet. But I’d really appreciate your help with the sponsorship. On go on – just a couple of quid? Do it on justgiving.

“Love Boblet x”

Joke: Tortoise

There was a terrible road accident today between a van full of tortoises and a van full of terrapins.

It was a turtle disaster.










Marrakech road




Road to Agadir




Sidi Kaouki














Gone fishing

I’m on holiday from 11-27 October. So please don’t email me until I get back – you’ll just add to my already horrendous email burden. Adios, amigos.


My favourite French word




Olympics medal table

There was some kind of hoo-ha going on about how the medal tallies are being presented; should they be listed by the total number of medals, or by the number of golds?

I wondered if it should be done on a different kind of points system, so gold medals are worth three points, silver two and bronze one. That does push TeamGB down the list a little, but here’s how the top 20 would look as of today:

1 China – 111
2 USA – 97
3 Australia – 47
4 South Korea – 40
5 Germany – 39
6 France – 37
7 Russia – 36
8 Japan – 36
9 Italy – 32
10 Great Britain – 31
11 Cuba – 13
12 Czech Republic – 12
13 Slovakia – 11
14 Netherlands – 11
15 Romania – 10
16 Zimbabwe – 9
17 Azerbaijan – 9
18 Hungary – 9
19 Kazakhstan – 8
20 Norway – 8
21 DPR Korea – 8

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Storm-force gales



Lundy sun, at last












Lundy seals



Lundy arrival




I’m going on holiday. Hence, I won’t reply if you email me or phone me. I’m going to the land where the Twitters cannot go. Bye bye.

Tom Waits





The Shoe Collection

I counted them; I have 44 pairs. That’s 88 shoes. Which ones shall I ditch?!

Race for Life

Again, thank you for your generous sponsorship. Mum and I raised well over £1000 and the majority of that came through people on Twitter. That’s a social media success story!I’m still trying to sort the video out but a glitch between Flip software and Macs means there is no sound. Grrr…Img 3681 Copy

Film: Batman the Dark Knight first impressions

Let’s be clear – the Dark Knight is the best Batman film and Batman is the best superhero. Expectation for this film is very, very high.

I had the luxury of a super quality preview screen complete with under-the-seat rumblings. Warner’s UK head Josh Berger introduced the film saying the Heath Ledger’s performance, rest his cotton socks, was “remarkable”. And it was remarkable – how many actors would give their eye teeth to play a role that twisted, where you’d really get to be as dark as you could stand? That’s where the buzz is around this film – in Ledger’s performance. I suppose I expected more.. he is certainly intense, but it’s a subdued, brooding intensity quite different to Jack Nicholson’s joker of yore.

• The CIA have a method of getting people out of tight places – it’s called Skyhook. [Geek moment - isn't that Apple's cellular location services provider in the US? Shut up and watch the film...] • The Joker does citizen journalism – cracks out a camera, videos himself torturing a subject and sends it to the news • Interrogation scene – “nobody’s going to cross him for us”. Like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google? • The Arkham Asylum • A couple of open/closed mouth continuity glitches • The night is darkest just before the dawn • Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint • “Six”, he mouths – best moment in the film • In their last moments, people show who they really are • That misfit nurse • The mobiles have sonar – 30 million people is too much power for one person. Arrington? • At times, he’s more like Beetlegeuse than a Batman villain

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Joke: Geek love

Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
All my base are belong to you

Thanks @ciarannorris

US Election: place your vote now

I’m British, so I can’t vote in the US election. But I feel so saturated with election coverage that I deserve to have some sort of vote, so this is the best I can do.

Place your votes now!