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Reading about computer problems is, I admit, about as interesting as listening to other people’s dreams. Rest assured, after this one final rant/explanation, I will say no more.

Server blew up, 30 websites were lost and the back-up drive can’t be accessed. I had most stuff backed up in Ecto (an offline content management programme that means you can write and save blog entries on your desktop) but when I updated it with the new login for my re-installed site, it overwrote my full-ish back up with the seven measly recent test entries. Cross is not the word.

My brother found an old XML file of some old miserable stuff but the best and most frequent work was all done in the past year – including my very detailed coverage of the Media Giraffe conference in Boston in June – is lost forever to the evil soul-sucking vortex that is the internet.

My only hope is professional data retrieval for the server drives, but the controller key thing also blew up and that’s the only way the drives can be read, apparently.

Needless to say, if anyone has any bright ideas ( and Google’s cache have nada) let me know now. I need to look at the pro data rescue option – has anyone ever used that, or can recommend anyone?

It’s my fault, I suppose. While waiting for this stuff to be sorted over the summer I’ve totally lost my blogging motivation. I nearly decided to give up, but I’m made of stronger stuff than that, dammit! I’ll slowly reinstate the photos and anything else I can find, adn start blogging afresh.

I declare this website officially re-opened!

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