Jemima Kiss

Virtual business cards

I know you can get business card scanners that you chuck cards through when you get back from a conference, but that seems a bit messy. I hate the ritual of entering people’s details from a hoard of business cards – usually I wait until they email me and then copy and paste their signature into my address book. But then you don’t get the visuals if it’s a nice card.

Business cards on memory sticks wouldn’t be quite right, but maybe I should just enter their phone number in my mobile when I meet them and text my card that way. These are the things that bother me…

Just planning mark II of my business card and may opt for a pic on the back, unless inspiration hits soon.

5 Responses to “Virtual business cards”

  1. Robin Hamman Says:

    Have you seen moocards? I ordered some free samples of the cards, which are half size business cards with photos from your flickr stream on one side and your details on the other, and was really impressed by the speed of service and quality. The website’s a winner too – nicely designed, intuitive, does what it says on the tin and only that, etc. Oh yeh, I see you’ve got a link to it already in your reading list to the right. If you were waiting to find out what people thought, I’d definately give my vote of confidence. :-)


    PS. I honestly have nothing to do with the company and never ever ever write comments enthusing so much about a product or service.

  2. Jemima Says:

    Ah yes – I saw those in real life yesterday and it’s a great idea. Good print quality too. But I really enjoy doing the design side so I have to insist on doing all that myself!

    How did the blogging vacation go? Nothing collapsed while you were away?

  3. Robin Hamman Says:

    Nah, all was fine. I’ve got a longer trip away planned though so you’ll probably find me asking everyone for advice again soon! ;-)

  4. Euan Williamson Says:

    Hi Jemima, this might fit the bill?

  5. William quartz Says:

    The problem with ordinary business cards is that a simple change renders them obsolete.