Jemima Kiss

Feudalist Google

New York Magazine looks at the uproar in the publishing industry caused by Google’s plans to scan loads of copyrighted material from books without asking.

Pat Schroeder, head of the Association of American Publishers is reported as saying: “Alan Murray wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal that called Google’s business model a new kind of feudalism: The peasants produce the content; Google makes the profits.

“Do we really want one corporation controlling all the content in the world?”

We may not have much choice. Can I assume Ms Schroeder uses Yahoo! search instead? Isn’t it like those people that protest about mobile phone masts but all use mobile phones?

Incidentally, it was Schroeder that reputedly made the Regan/Teflon quip: “He’s like Teflon – nothing sticks to him”.

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