Jemima Kiss

Guardian angels

This year’s Christmas card idea started with the theme of recycling by using newsprint to make Christmas angels. And then I realised I could use the faces of people in the newspaper to become the angels, and so the Guardian angel Christmas cards 2007 were born.



4 Responses to “Guardian angels”

  1. Richard Brennan Says:

    They look nice. Have you used the Guardian wrapping paper at all? Saved me quite a bit of money.

  2. Jemima Kiss Says:

    That was last year’s theme. Ponies were particularly good, with whale stickers holding the tags on…

  3. Bo Says:

    Congratulations with your blog.
    I read paper Angel cards every day.
    Yesterday I created a small widget to do the drawing of a card electronically. Just a bit more convenient during work. If you are interested you can look at (NO commercial intentions).
    I’m curious to know if you think this can work in the same way as with real cards?
    Kindest regards,

  4. karen Robert Says:

    I love your Christmas card, please think about posting it on my website,, it is a Christmas card sharing website where people with funny and imaginative cards show off them off. Your card would fit in perfectly. Thanks so much,
    KAren Robert
    Author of “Merry Christmas From…150 Christmas cards you wish you’d received”, available on