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Film: Batman the Dark Knight first impressions

Let’s be clear – the Dark Knight is the best Batman film and Batman is the best superhero. Expectation for this film is very, very high.

I had the luxury of a super quality preview screen complete with under-the-seat rumblings. Warner’s UK head Josh Berger introduced the film saying the Heath Ledger’s performance, rest his cotton socks, was “remarkable”. And it was remarkable – how many actors would give their eye teeth to play a role that twisted, where you’d really get to be as dark as you could stand? That’s where the buzz is around this film – in Ledger’s performance. I suppose I expected more.. he is certainly intense, but it’s a subdued, brooding intensity quite different to Jack Nicholson’s joker of yore.

• The CIA have a method of getting people out of tight places – it’s called Skyhook. [Geek moment - isn't that Apple's cellular location services provider in the US? Shut up and watch the film...] • The Joker does citizen journalism – cracks out a camera, videos himself torturing a subject and sends it to the news • Interrogation scene – “nobody’s going to cross him for us”. Like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google? • The Arkham Asylum • A couple of open/closed mouth continuity glitches • The night is darkest just before the dawn • Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint • “Six”, he mouths – best moment in the film • In their last moments, people show who they really are • That misfit nurse • The mobiles have sonar – 30 million people is too much power for one person. Arrington? • At times, he’s more like Beetlegeuse than a Batman villain

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