Jemima Kiss



10 Responses to “Hated”

  1. sam blackledge Says:

    please take a moment to check out my new blog:

  2. Peter Gent Says:

    Where on earth did you manae to find this gem? :D

  3. Captain Mac Says:

    You’ll never keep up with demand!

  4. Simon Brunning Says:

    Where did you find that? I want one!

  5. Paul Stallard Says:

    Jemima you have to tell us where to get our hands on one of those

  6. Jonathan Ramsey Says:

    That is the keenest shirt!

  7. Jemima Kiss Says:

    Oh god – so sorry. I missed your request for a shopping guide. ;-)

    It was in Portobello market. Must be other places though, surely?

  8. Andrew Says:

    Portobello market here I come. I’m going to wear that T-Shirt with pride!

  9. Lactose Says:

    Oh, I can think of 400 or so redundant buyers immediately… :-)

  10. Scar Says:

    *heads to Portobello*

    Classic! Thanks!