Jemima Kiss

A taste of Digg

I just wanted to record a few minutes of the start of DiggNation’s recording in London last night for the benefit of my non-techie friends. You think it’s all geekery, but no. It’s all a bit rock’n'roll!

3 Responses to “A taste of Digg”

  1. Nick Smith Says:

    That was an awesome Diggnation – we need more Web App crazyness in London!

  2. Duncan Michael-MacGregor Says:

    Digg is awesome but they really need to sort out the problem they have with ‘power users’ as its messing it up.

  3. victoronions Says:

    i know – why don’t YOU, with your pressing need for banal website content, go and stand in front of a professional cameraman obviously doing his job, and ruin his shot by standing in front of the lens with your mobile phone, despite being asked to move. Its clearly far more important that you seize your opportunity for self publicity than it is to listen to security at an event, or indeed consider the impact of your actions on someone trying to do their job.