Jemima Kiss

Ecto is fab

Just demonstrating how great Ecto is.

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7 Responses to “Ecto is fab”

  1. Benz Says:

    Totally agree. I’ve been using it for a long while now. Makes it much easier to manage my blogs …

  2. Yemisi Blake Says:

    Hi Jemima,

    Yep, Ecto is Brilliant!
    It’s pretty cool when you’re using NetNewsWire too.

    All the best,


  3. Tomothy Says:

    “ecto is designed to make blogging much more easier


  4. Zach Beauvais Says:

    Can’t say I see it myself. I’ve tried using it, but it feels so unintuitive and awkward. Really liking WordPress’ new 2.7, though… How does it compare to that?

  5. Lee Barker Says:

    Are you using a Mac? Try Blogo ( ) its a Mac Bloggers dream app. Easy and uncluttered with so many features.

  6. Saqib Ali Says:

    Why would I pay for Ecto, when I can use Windows Live Writer for free?

  7. Jemima Kiss Says:

    Actually I’ve since abandoned Ecto, at least for work, because of ScribeFire – Firefox plugin. This gets round the problem of not being able to download software apps in the office because we can sneak Firefore plugins through. ;-)

    Only thing it can’t do is find/replace, which is a little grating. Otherwise, very impressive. I’ve been hammering it for a few weeks now and it has withstood punishment so far!