Jemima Kiss

Racing for life

My unborn child is doing the Cancer Research Race for Life this weekend in London, and due to that fact that it can’t go anywhere without me just yet, I’ll be going along too.

It’s a 5km course and we’ll be walking it to try and raise £1,000. It’s the fourth time we’ve done Race for Life and the first time we haven’t done it at the Eden Project in Cornwall, but owing to tedious house moving complexities we’ve had to compromise this year.

If you can spare a few quid to sponsor us, we’d be immensely grateful. It only takes a minute girl, as Take That once sang, and you can do it online at Just Giving.

If our Twitter posse all chipped in a few quid each, we’d be many, many multiples over our fund-raising target. Do it for Cancer Research, or for someone you’ve loved and lost. Or both.


4 Responses to “Racing for life”

  1. Rax Lakhani Says:

    Best of luck, Jemima! I think your ‘bun’ will probably beat your time by a fraction of a second…

  2. alfie Says:

    You know I always give you the cash hon, and now it’ll have to be double to account for the little un!

  3. Jemima Kiss Says:

    Fanks Alfie ;-)

  4. Han Says:

    Me and My Mum did it back in June I think :) She’d literally had her 6 mth check up and was cleared of pneumonia the week before we did the walking “race” I decided that I was going to sprint the finish the last bit in a true marathon kinda way lol.