Awards panels

Artangel Everywhere

London // 2017

Working with writer and artist James Bridle, Artangel co-directors James Lingwood and Michael Morris and Artangel’s head of digital Charmian Griffin, we meticulously worked through 530 proposals for digital artworks, which needed to explore a networked space and could be experienced anywhere in the world. 

Evan Roth's winning project builds on his previous preoccupation with surveillance and mapping the networks around us. Interviewing our shortlisted artists was the most fun I've ever had at work. A real privilege to explore and interrogate these ideas with such a motivated group of artists.


Drum Online Media Awards

London // 2013 - 2017

As part of the British Journalism Review board, I help award the annual prize for outstanding digital team. The 2017 winner was Channel 4 News.


Apps for Good

London // 2015

Apps for Good teaches high school students how to research, build and present ideas for mobile apps. It's an incredibly inspiring event bursting with talented and energetic young people and great fun to be involved with. I left a stuffy and slightly sexist corporate event to get to the presentations in time, and definitely made the right choice!


Tate IK Prize

London // 2014

I joined with artist Mark Leckey, the Tate's Marc Sands, Tom Uglow from Google and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to judge the first year of the Tate's digital art prize. An incredibly diverse range of entries from art guides on social media to exhibitions in Minecraft, but The Workers proposal was the clear winner.

After Dark allowed robots with cameras to patrol the Tate at night, controlled remotely by viewers at home. I immediately loved this idea; mischievous, technically complex and exploring an entirely new side to the gallery from, literally, a new perspective. 


TechCrunch Europa Awards

London // 2014

On the jury for the European startup awards.


App My City

London // 2014

Contest for the best urban app run by the New Cities Foundation.


Future 8 Awards

London // 2014

I met Irish entrepreneur Dylan Collins during a press trip to Dublin, and later worked with him on the judging panel and on a media partnership for the Future 8 awards for kids, creativity and technology


Guardian Witness Awards

London // 2014

Witness is the Guardian's in-house user content platform, launched in partnership with EE.


Guardian Student Media Awards

London // 2011

Eleventh year of the popular awards. York cleaned up. Again.


Just Giving Web Awards

London // 2011

Outstanding charities and fundraisers with a digital bent.


FreeSat Awards

London // 2010

British TV awards; Al-Jazeera had a good year.

Artist Evan Roth, winner of the Artangel Everywhere commission 2017

Artist Evan Roth, winner of the Artangel Everywhere commission 2017