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I've chaired, hosted and spoken at more than 50 conferences, festivals and universities since 2005. My favourites were an on-stage interview with Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, exploring the unintended consequences of technology with author Steven Johnson at CES and discussing why video games are great at the Southbank's Web We Want festival.


Frontiers // San Francisco // Apr 2019

Stewart Butterfield, Slack and Eric Yuan, Zoom (interview)


British Consulate // San Francisco // Oct 2018

Talking to the media (speaker)

Web Summit // Lisbon // Nov 2017

Stewart Butterfield, Slack (interview)


Outside Insight book launch // San Francisco // Oct 2017

How AI will change decision making for businesses (host & chair)


Collision // New Orleans // Apr 2016

Alex Chung, Giphy (interview)
Naveen Jain, Moon Express (interview)
The future of media (chair)


CES // Las Vegas // Jan 2016

The unintended consequences of technology (chair)


Culture Collide Festival // San Francisco // Oct 2015

When music and tech collide (speaker)


IAB Mobile Engage // London // May 2015

The Guardian on tech and trends (speaker)


Decoded Fashion // London // May 2015

Mobile - fashion's game changer (chair)


SXSWi // Austin // Mar 2015

Surveillance, trust & ethics - restoring the faith (chair)


Web Summit // Dublin // Nov 2014

Who decides the right to be forgotten? (chair)
Matt Brittin, Google (interview)


Playful // London // Oct 2014

 A one-day conference of thought, talk and play (host)


Intelligence Squared // London // Oct 2014

The high street is dead; long live the high street (chair)


Women in Journalism // London // Oct 2014

Digital media & new roles for journalists (speaker)


Camp Bestival // Dorset // Aug 2014

Why gaming is good (interview)
Michaela Strachan, TV prersenter (interview)


Wikimania // London // Aug 2014

Open data roundtable (chair)


Labour Conference // Manchester // Sep 2014

Fabian Society: Data, democracy & power (speaker)


Web We Want Festival // Southbank London //Sep 2014

Demystifying the world of online gaming (interview)


Re:work // London // Sep 2014

Amy Puliafito, Misfit (interview)


Guardian: Activate // London // Jul 2014

Patrick Collison, Stripe (interview)


Thinking Digital // Newcastle // May 2014

Tipping points: Snowden, privacy and surveillance (speaker)


Guardian: Commercial Conference // London // May 2014

Internal event for sales and marketing teams (host)


Guardian: Women in Leadership // London // Apr 2014

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook (interview)


SXSWi // Austin // Mar 2014

Why didn't a tech journalist break PRISM? (speaker)


Guardian: Changing Media Summit // London // Mar 2014

Nathan Blecharczyk, AirBnB (interview)


Mediatrust // London // Mar 2014

Using challenging content online (chair)


Remix // London // Dec 2013

Culture, technology and entrepreneurship (chair)
How the internet is changing the skills business needs (speaker)


Re:work // London // Dec 2013

Future of cities and urban landscapes (chair)


Salesforce Roundtable // London // Dec 2013

SEO vs social media (chair)


Web Summit // Dublin // Nov 2013

Phil Libin, Evernote (interview)
Jay Bregman, Hailo (interview)


Mumsnet Blogfest // London // Nov 2013

Down and dirty blogging how-tos (chair)


Online Information Conference // London // Nov 2013

From social media to real time media (chair)


ad:tech // London // Sep 2013

Nic Jones, Vevo (interview) 


Guardian Society & o2 Roundtable // London // Sep 2013

Public services meet digital technology (chair)


Guardian: Activate // London // Jul 2013

Cities, innovation and entrepreneurship (chair)


Salesforce Roundtable // London // Jul 2013

Digital marketing is maturing (chair)


Great Escape // Brighton // May 2013

Marketing digital music (chair)


Silicon Milkroundabout // London // May 2013

The search for silicon sisters (chair)


Blackberry #keepmoving // London // May 2013

Robert Rodriguez: Tech, film & the future (chair)


Web Summit // London // Mar 2013

Adam Pritzker, General Assembly (interview)


Symantec Roundtable // London // Mar 2013

How CIOs can enable security (chair)


Symantec Roundtable // London // Jan 2013

The state of cyber risk (chair)


Becoming YouTube Stars // London // Apr 2011

Meet some of YouTube's partners (chair)


SXSWi // Austin // Mar 2011

Open for news: Turning journalism inside out (speaker)


Google EMEA Publisher Advisory Council  // Paris // Nov 2010

Innovation panel (chair)


Arts & Business Debate // London // Oct 2010

What's the future for TV? (chair)


Mediapodium Journalism Conference // Lucerne // Jul 2010

Working as a digital journalist (speaker)


Online News Association // London // Jul 2010

Hacks and hacking (speaker)


Digifest @ The Science Museum // London Mar 2010

PechaKucha on technology you can't live without (speaker)


Music 4.5 // London // Mar 2010

What is the future for the music industry? (chair)
Digital youth music project (chair)


City University // London // Mar 2009

Is Twitter here to stay? (speaker)


National Union of Journalists // London // Feb 2008

User-generated content & comment (speaker)


Association of Online Publishers // London // May 2007

The rise of user-generated content (chair)


ITV Marcomms Conference // London // Mar 2007

Journalism in the digital age (speaker)


National Union of Journalists // London // Feb 2006

The rise of citizen journalism (speaker)


University of Westminster // London // Jan 2006

Journalism in the digital age (speaker)


University of Central Lancashire // Preston // Jan 2006

Journalism in the digital age (speaker)


JISC Conference // London // Feb 2005

Journalism in the digital age (speaker)

Speaking at IAB Mobile Engage, 2015

Speaking at IAB Mobile Engage, 2015

Jemima was the first person I would go to when looking for advice on content ideas for events, whether it be the right ‘angle’ to approach a difficult tech subject, or who we might approach to join us to talk about that subject. Her knowledge and approach can’t be beaten. Thank God for someone that doesn’t just repeat a press release or run through an interviewee’s CV on stage.
— Richard J Thompson, former head of marketing partnerships and events at the Guardian
Thinking Digital, Newcastle, 2014. Photo: Thinking Digital

Thinking Digital, Newcastle, 2014. Photo: Thinking Digital

Chairing a session on blogging at Mumsnet Blogfest 2013 - the first and only time I've chaired an event with my son sleeping on my lap

Chairing a session on blogging at Mumsnet Blogfest 2013 - the first and only time I've chaired an event with my son sleeping on my lap