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I live in London


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  1. debz (wills mum!) Says:

    I’vediscovered how toget all those questions answered that I want to ask but never remember when I see you! Love the panda bear clip. Ay poss you may have a mo’ to post it to me so I can share it with others? I’m proud and jealous of you working with the Gaurdian.! A paper I’ve read for the last twenty odd years! Actually I’m in the middle of compiling a piece at the mo for them and will give it a whirl…about reality and virtuality…the effect of the internet on our communities….just realised we’re in the midst of a massive social change……….as a result of going to a wierd bonfire party! Glad you’re living with Will and would love to come and see what you have done to the flat..everyone says its great. One day when I have the money and the time. Happy working, wondering,writing and willing! Debz