Jemima Kiss

What’s your favourite Tube line?

29 Responses to “What’s your favourite Tube line?”

  1. Ade B Says:

    Victoria is just so whizzy – Always wins for me.

  2. Neil Phillips Says:

    poor DLR!

  3. Tom Barton Says:

    Crikey, I’m the first vote for the Piccadilly line. That can’t be right. The stat, I mean, not the line itself.

  4. Daniel Diaz Says:

    Had to stand up for my Northern Line! The only line where you are guaranteed a train every 3 minutes between 8 am and 9 am…even if you do get squeezed like an orange.

    As for rubbish lines, the Circle Line is like one of those jalopies from Grapes of Wrath, just an outdated broken down piece of junk,

  5. Jaime Says:

    proly Victoria or Jubilee coz it’s all shiny.
    District and Northern get my vote for the worst

  6. Carl Morris Says:

    I’m from out of town and Victoria has the chairs in rows instead of along the walls (probably not unique in that regard). But it always seems the most glamorous?

  7. Tim H Says:

    Victoria line; almost makes living in Finsbury Park a pleasurable experience, almost.

  8. Henry North London Says:

    Again the Vicky Line It makes getting to Turnpike Lane faster than if I used the Piccadilly line

    25 minutes and Im home to Zone 3 from central London

  9. Perry Says:

    Until i saw this poll i wouldn’t have said for sure that the circle line was still running

  10. Alison Battisby Says:

    Victoria – means I’m almost home!

  11. Joe T Says:

    Waterloo & city is the best for speed & banked corners, circle and district has some nice old stations but DLR has the on-board driver who will give you a shout-out for your birthday

  12. Rich Says:

    Victoria line gets me to Arsenal games when i am in London. That makes me happy (most of the time but not so much last Saturday!).

  13. Russell Says:

    I know it’s not running at the moment, but where’s the East London line? It was always my favourite

  14. Paul Stallard Says:

    DLR every time – if you sit at the front it feels like you are driving it :o )

  15. dave Says:

    central for efficency – jubilee for comfort!!

  16. Rachel Bremer Says:

    The Northern Line may not be the prettiest belle at the ball, but she sure is dependable and functional. You can hit so many different locations North/South and East/West on the two branches…It does get crowded but have you ever tried to get on the Victoria line during rush hour? Impossible on the first or second try.

    For pure beauty and speed, though, I’d have to say Jubilee.

  17. Wonky Donky Says:

    i like the jubilee line cos it shows where you need to stand which avoids all manner of guessing and let down when you find yourself between two carriages and battling to guess which door to go in

  18. Sterzip Says:

    It has to be the victoria line for the speed. Although, I hesitated for a long long time with the Waterloo and City. Come on, it only has two stops and it takes about 5 minutes!!

  19. Matt Holmes Says:

    Central. Home to work in 20mins. If only the other 5000 f*@ckers weren’t doing the same thing

  20. loomer6foot5 Says:

    Imagine the Vicky line with jubilees special doors. Wow.

  21. Says:

    It’s a crap line but takes us to all the good gigs:
    Camden / King’s Cross / Chalk Farm / Kentish Town / Old Street


  22. Shana Says:

    Have to say the Jubilee line (only because I think it may be listening and if I voted for my other line, Central, it might not get me out of Canary Wharf tonight)… Yes, definitely Jubilee……

  23. Jemima Kiss Says:

    @DIY_Musicians Good point. The next poll should be: Which Tube line is the best for music?!

  24. Kristian Says:

    As Damon Albarn once sang: “Jubilee’s not like anyone else”

    OK so he wasn’t personifying the tube line, but he may as well have been.

    Jubilee all the way

  25. Phil Hawkins Says:

    Surely the Northern wins as it was the only one not affected on Snow Day. The Northern Line is hard.

  26. Carl Morris Says:


    As The Kinks and later The Fall did sing “Victoria! Victoria! Victoria, Victoria.“. You also will sing this on the tube next time.

  27. Jams Says:

    I voted DLR, because it’s all shiny and modern with moments of 80s retro-goodness. But I quite like the old, dependable Metropolitan.

  28. Mark Says:

    Surprised at how poorly the Central Line’s doing. Think it might have benefited from an Alternative Vote system. It must be a lot of people’s second favourite. It really doesn’t wait around. Speed demon.

  29. Beez Says:

    I just voted Victoria for sheer SPEED OF A POOMA but now I’m remembering that summer is coming soon and it gets all melting down there.
    Maybe Jubilee, though I only ever seem to use it to visit large arenas.