Jemima Kiss

Guess the flavour of the baby…

I have no idea, and didn’t want to know when we had the scan. Gather all your telepathic powers and place your bet… come the end of July, we’ll find out how good your instinct is!

18 Responses to “Guess the flavour of the baby…”

  1. docpaul Says:

    there seem to be more boys than girls being born at the moment so I think boy is a good bet…

  2. Jemima Kiss Says:

    It will only be wearing pink if it’s a boy.

  3. Ben Hawkes Says:

    I’m almost 100% certain that yes, it is a girl or a boy.

    If I had to pick one, though, let’s say “boy”.

    (Are you running an accumulator? So if yours is a boy and mine – due mid-July- is a girl I win £30,000 or something? That would be cool.)

  4. Quozza Says:

    Girl… not a shred of doubt.

  5. Sam Picli Says:

    Definitely a girl

  6. Jaime Says:

    ummm.. what? Boy.

  7. Matt Kelland Says:

    Well, calling him/her Jemima 2.0 does tend to lead to a little subconscious bias in the instinctive prediction. Perhaps Kiss 2.0 would have been a more controlled test?

  8. Linda /ponor Says:

    ((((A girl!))))… Er..? .Or.. A boy!…take good care of yourself and…. I love the look of this site, it’s very beautiful:)

  9. @MocaBear Says:

    Sensing strong girl vibes!

  10. Anome Says:

    I chose girl, but I will stress that I have no feeling one way or the other, or any expertise at all.

    And to be honest, does it really matter at this stage? I mean, maybe by the time it starts school, but now?

  11. Roy Manterfield Says:

    Mmm… probably a girl; in the absence of other information you have to go with statistics *yawn* and 51.1 % of the UK population are female.

  12. Andy Yates Says:

    Have to agree with Matt. Calling a boy Jemima is just cruel.

  13. Henry Yates Says:

    seems to depend on your Dioxin exposure…

  14. Cathie Blumer Says:

    Girl, I’ve looked at Aunt Jemima on my pancake syrup bottle all my life. She’s delicious and female. Mmmm pancakes…

  15. John Tyson Says:

    I suspect this is a case of modern attention spans. People get bored after reading It’s A Girl and just plonk for the first option. I know I did.

    Whatever it is, I hope it’s Jemimalicious!!

  16. Charlie Kiss Says:

    Reading about this on the link below makes me think I would have to ask too many questions about your sex life on the night in question to make a reasoned guess.

    So I won’t.

    I hope you have wihchever one you want. which I would imaginge would be either and that the child would grow up with the freedom to express their gender as they truly feel.

    It’s a bit late.. so ignore me.

    Although I agree 100% that gender exists and sex definitley does! I think that there are actually many shades..between the masculine and the feminine..

    Probably why there should be more choices between Pink and Blue. because life is infinitely more interesting than that.

    So overall.. my choice is girl or boy and it doesn’t matter really does it?

  17. Robin Wilton Says:

    Are those the only two flavours available? What happened to Cherry Garcia, or even Rocky Road???

    Hope all goes well. Either gender is perfect.

  18. Stephen Says:

    I only guessed “boy” because, statistically, there are slightly more of them.

    Of course, Mark Twain said it best. “There are lies. There are damned lies. And there are statistics.”

    They say you can tell. Boys are hotter. But maybe you have to have had several, so you can compare. I wouldn’t know. I’m a guy. I just look pregnant.